Four Suggestions For a Smooth Experience with Toronto Erotic Massage

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When the time comes to unwind, a professional Toronto massage spa is just the place to go. Upon entering the premises, guests are not greeted by women sloppily clad in sweat pants, lacking makeup, with their hair hastily tied up. Instead, our beauties stroll about as a reminder of why the establishment has been entered to begin with. Beautiful women, who could easily materialize in a favored sensual dream, are poised and waiting to play a new role.
However, there are four, very important suggestions to keep in mind when seeking erotic massage:

Research, aka Read the Ad
Women are unique, like each individual snowflake that falls during the winter. Gentlemen, and Lady Callers, should be aware of the look they want, and the services provided. One example could be when specific types of sensual massage are requested, like “blindfolded”. A particular beauty happens to specialize in that style, so she would likely be a perfect fit. Regardless of interest, there will be a tantalizing Goddess available to create a fantasy reality.

Screening and Scheduling
Walk in appointments are always welcome, but advanced scheduling can be a blessing. Repeat visitors find advanced timing to guarantee favored lady availability. This eliminates any potential wait, if she happens to be favored by others as well. The inconvenience of visiting on a chosen masseuse’ day off is prevented with early bird scheduling.
A call in advance method can be more convenient for first time guests as well. Safety and security is practiced for our callers, and the lovely, sensual professionals who tend those taunt muscles. Ladies provide ID upon hire, guests are asked to prior to session. A familiar face can eventually find the practice waved.

No Bartering, No Bargains
Pricing and services available are clearly listed for the convenience of guests and masseuse alike. This prevents any misunderstandings regarding cost, methods of payment accepted and time frames. Tips, of course are always appreciated, and the ladies always remember the big tippers.

Professional Courtesy All Around
Sensual massage is a professional service, and professional courtesy is appreciated and returned. Callers who frequent the spa will often make an impression, be it their generosity, charm, unique sessions, or sophistication. In turn, each guest is treated with the respect deserved, or requested. Massage specialists do not judge, mock, nor tell the tales… unless asked to do so, in role.
Following the four suggestions keeps everyone informed, comfortable and usually, coming back for more. There is no shame in enjoying the relaxing services of a fully licensed Toronto massage spa. If looking for a place to embrace a fantasy, a professional sensual masseuse should top that to do list.

Five Reasons to Visit an Erotic Massage Spa, Like Toronto Massage

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There are so many positive reasons to visit an erotic massage spa, like Toronto Massage, and a short list of why not too. Primarily being, your significant other would kill you. Other than that, excuses as to why one should not enjoy the benefits of an exotic massage spa are limited.

Be Kind and Unwind
Has it been a rough week at the office, or on a job site? The professional masseuses at Toronto Massage know exactly how to alleviate that tension after a long, hard week. These ladies enjoy seeing their clients leave with a smile on their face and a new kick in their step.

Not only are Toronto Massage’s ladies skilled in the art of erotic massage, they are also sweet, and enjoy their work. Whatever girl you choose will treat you with kindness, compassion and friendship, as they like to build relationships with their clients.

Toronto Massage is a place you can go and experience kindness after a long week at work. It is a place you can get a great massage or a sensual, fantasy experience. The professional masseuses chose this line of work because the truly love what they do, and that means clients get a session they won’t soon forget.

A New Experience
If you have never experienced an erotic massage, it is most assuredly something you will want to put on your bucket list. The professional’s masseuses of Toronto Massage will introduce you to a totally different type of massage. This is nothing like your average pressure point pushing from a physical therapist, or whirring vibration from a device.

At Toronto Massage, you and your masseuse of choice will have a private spa room. Once you enter, your fantasy massage begins. The rub on the shoulders from the past will no longer be considered a massage, once you experience the erotic version. There is no comparison, and… there is usually no going back.
Toronto Massage is also a perfect place to experiment if you and the Misses are looking for a little more spice in life. A couple in need of something fresh might love trying the Reverse Massage, or even adding another masseuse to the session. A nice erotic massage will help break the tension. Not to mention, it may even be the beginning of a beautiful friendship all over again.

A Break From the Norm
Dating can become monotonous at times, catering to the needs of strangers, in hopes of a connection. The lovely ladies at Toronto Massage like to give their clients the “Calgon, take me away”, treatment. There is no shame in wanting, or needing a break from the normal routine. The same routine over and over can become mundane. Thus, it is perfectly healthy to just relax and let a beautiful, professional, exotic masseuse take control of your muscles for a while.

Secret Needs
We all have a need… that is just part of life. However, there are those that have secret needs, the type they might be uncomfortable about sharing with their friends or associates. The lovely ladies at Toronto Massage understand and respect discretion, plus… the girls do not judge.

There is no shame in having an alternative lifestyle and enjoying private erotic entertainment. Some of the friends and family may not understand, but the girls at Toronto Massage do. You might even say they lead an alternative lifestyle themselves. This is the place you can come in and be comfortable being yourself, or whoever you choose to be at that moment.

Why Not?
Some people spend their lives with curiosities… but never make a move to actually resolve their own curiosity. Others jump in head first and experience all life has to offer. The beautiful exotic massage therapists of Toronto Massage embrace the clients that enter their domain with their eyes wide open, ready to enjoy life to its fullest. These are the people that when asked Why go to an erotic massage spa, simply answer, why not?

Move Forward and Enjoy
Instead of flinching away from life, move forward and enjoy it, like those that visit or frequent Toronto Massage. Erotic massage offers those who indulge an opportunity to relax, connect in special ways and explore a new and exciting form of pleasure.

Erotic Dreams Come True at Toronto Massage

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We all dream a little dream about being pampered by a hot, sexy female. Both men and women alike can appreciate other females. Women are just beautiful. That is the inspiration behind Toronto Massage. Female owned and operated, this spa has been specializing in making erotic dreams come true since 1993.

After the Wake Up Pinch
At Toronto Massage, that little dream like fantasy can come true. We enter this haven of happiness and immediately realize, we might actually be dreaming.
After the wake up pinch, the choices come into view. Toronto massage gives its clients a long list of relaxing erotic options to choose from. First, we make the difficult choice of choosing a massage service, and this is not an easy decision given all the jaw dropping options available. Next, we move on to the even more difficult task of choosing a model for our session.

Girls, Girl, Girls
Just imaging… gazing at women that could easily be in any fantasy you have ever dreamed about… The difference is, this time you can ACTUALLY spend some erotic time with her one on one.
Toronto Massage has a lovely team of luscious ladies. Each and every one of those beauties is specialized in the art of erotic massage. Blonde, brunette, Redhead and anything combined or in between is lounging in a spa, just waiting for someone they can relax. Buxom, bashful, athletic, demure, dominant and exotic, every personality, and physique is available to make our dreams a reality.

Spa Moments aka Dream Sessions
What one could consider dream sessions, are actually labeled as massage sessions and can be 30, 40 or 60 minutes, with the option of extending that time. The minimum time is 30 minutes, but to be honest, that just never seems long enough.

Next, we choose the type of time we’d like to have with our special lady, and this is where it gets even more exciting.

Some people like a standard massage, and that is great, but others like to get more interesting, like a Toronto Massage’s Nude Reverse Massage. This gives life to the dream by allowing us to massage the ladies back. We are in their hands, and these incredible models are in ours, for the duration of our time.

Going VIP and Beyond
This is a favorite, as it includes the Nude Reverse, but throws in a wet and wild Body Slide. Letting us get slippery with our beautiful lady of the hour. There is even a Shower Massage option which can be added to the end of the VIP session, so you lather up with your lady and wash all that stress and irritation from the day away.

Special Moments
Some of Toronto Massage’s beautiful ladies also offer specialty sessions, such as a Double Exposure Massage. This is one of the most erotic and fulfilling massage sessions available, BUT… it is only done by specific professional masseuses. It can be important to make sure the lady of your dreams is one of them.

The Couples Massage is another favorite offered by some of the professional ladies at Toronto Massage. This allows you and your lovely wife or girlfriend to BOTH be alleviated of all the stress that has been building up. This is a versatile massage session in which you can sit back, relax and watch all that stress drain away from your partner, or participate yourself. Words cannot describe the wonders that can happen during this erotic adventure.

Repetition Equals More Rewards
The professional masseuses at Toronto Massage love to see their clients repeatedly, building a happy, mutually beneficial relationship. For that reason, there are package deals available where we can pay for six door fees and get one free, or pay ten and get two free. Either way, that is one entry waived. From there, we just need to choose the session we want with our erotic massage expert of the evening.

For those that like to see your erotic masseuse at Toronto Massage often, a Ferret card can be beneficial. The more we visit, the more we save and we have the option of discounts or just saving up for a free door night.

Toronto Massage also offers everyone a very special birthday gift. With valid id proof, on your birthday, the door fee is waived.

Don’t Just Dream, Experience
You can go on dreaming a little dream, or you can experience a dream while you are awake with the incredible, professional, erotic masseuses at Toronto Massage. Each and every lady is a sensual massage expert that truly enjoys her work. They offer the dream you just don’t want to wake up from. I never do…

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